Arman 2017   
      Twenty-three years ago on March 30, God blessed me with a bundle of joy that began an amazing journey. On this journey there have been ups and downs. Some days were filled with tears and some days were filled with laughter. Through it all I have NEVER regretted having him.
As a parent we want only the best for our children. Unfortunately, there are times when things happen and children get caught in the middle of adult choices. After twenty-two years, my marriage ended but I thank God for an AWESOME support system of family and true friends. At the time our son was seventeen and could understand CLEARLY the reasons for the divorce but we all know that it is never easy on the children. . . especially our sons. Some parents are able to have a civil relationship for the sake of the children. Then again, there are those who choose to divorce the wife and children. This robs the children of a loving parent and it robs the parent of the opportunity to raise their child. Mine chose another family, moved away, and has not tried to reach out. This breaks my heart because our son is a wonderful young man who has made some mistakes but thank God, learned from those mistakes and has moved up to a higher level of consciousness. Faith, family, and work are his priorities. I know that this came about due to many prayer warriors talking to God.
     Why am I being so transparent? Because I want my readers to know that they are not alone. I know those feelings of rejection and doubt. Feelings of second guessing life choices that could or could not work out for the best. I want my readers to see that although we are affected by the actions of those we love or may have loved at one time, it is possible to move on.
     Love your children and don’t bring them in the middle of adult conflict. If you have to remove yourself and them from the adult conflict, it is better to protect them in this manner and hope it won’t affect them adversely when they become adults. Yes, I wonder if the actions of his father and I swore him off of every getting married. I can only pray that it has not. I want only the best for him. Everyday I look at him, I think of how blessed I am to be the Mother of such a wonderful son. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARMAN!!  Mom loves you forever!!!!
~~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~~

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