Instagram Musings “The Power of Prayer”

The power of prayer.

It’s one thing to want peace, to really want freedom of the mind. But how to apply?

We must align our vibration to whatever it is we want. We are made of basic chemicals if you break our bodies down . Star matter. Calcium, carbon, nitrogon, and iron.

Then there is  the essence of soul. The mystical part of our consciousness that links to these basic building blocks.

I find freedom is a processhas and has nothing to do with a country, or rights. It’s about the soul.

As Nelson Mandela wrote from prison, no one can take away the freedom of our soul. And when it’s aligned with the Universe, we are free. 🙏🏻

I love this fountain so much.  A couple of days ago I went on a journey around the city on foot and biking the next, and love the spiritual symbols I found along the way.

I see life as a process. We either grow or die a slow emotional death.

To truly live free, we only need to let the baggage of old emotions and resentments go, most of us carry a lot of burdens.

Lighten your load.

And keep moving. The journey of a thousand miles always begins with that first step.

My Instagram accounts are used for photos and musings around the world.  @americaninscandinavia and @solgaveritz @solgaveclothing for our new line of t shirts that are tied to stories of growth.

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