Mellow Mondays: My Woman Tribe

Our fearless leader issued another challenge this month. We are to write about women who have impacted our lives. I think the goal was to highlight famous women who have influenced our lives. I’ve decided to remix the challenged and describe what the women in my life has taught me.

Dorothy  – do your best

Bessie – speak boldly 

Brenda – always smile

Rose – have plan b, c, d, zz

Kesha – excel despite the bad circumstances 

Evelyn G. – don’t do it if your heart is not in it

Liz – set the expectations

Celeste – let your work speak for yourself 

Joann – keep your essential face items with you at all time

Shanedra – stay consistent and true to yourself 

Lindsey – always make your guests feel welcome

Stacee – rise above your circumstances where no one would believe you were ever down

Ella – do right by people and love God boldly

Marta – wear your warrior mantra proudly 

Evelyn S. – keep the family together 

Betty – laugh loudly and often 

Joyce – embrace your strong personality 

Amber – love from afar 

Joy – see the world 

Jackie – keep the sexy black dress in your wardrobe 

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