What’s Happening Wednesday: Thank You Note:

Dear Secretary Clinton:

I was talking to a mutual acquaintance last week, and your name came up.  (Well, sort of.  I refused to use your name in the conversation, because I felt you deserved better.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your service.  You have been in the public eye for as long as I can remember.  I didn’t always agree (with your politics, or your hair and wardrobe choices), but I respected your strength, and most importantly your grace.

Let me define grace ( before one of my tech savvy friends posts a meme of  your robotic dancing.)You are no Misty Copeland, Madam Secretary, but your ability to remained poised in difficult situations is remarkable (at least, in public.  Your personal life is none of my, or anyone else’s business, no matter how much people tried to make it an issue.).

I do hope you are enjoying every bit of your retirement.  You earned it.  I have heard that there are calls for you to return to public eye.  Please do not answer those calls.  Send them straight to voicemail.  Then promptly delete them.  You don’t owe (them)anyone an explanation.  You don’t owe (them)anyone JACK.  (Publically speaking, of course.  Again, I don’t know about your private life.)

I just wanted you to know that there are people in this country, and even around the world,who appreciate what you’ve done.  You made history… And now you have earned the right to sit back andwatch history unfurl…or end.  However, this plays out.

From one pantsuit wearing patriot to another, Thank You!

Mama Radford

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