Mellow Mondays: Do Our Actions Change People?

One would think in their adult life that their friendships have been solidified and the foundation is strong. You shouldn’t have to look over your shoulders in your thirties in regards to friendships.  It seems now people take friendships very lightly.  It is all about what they can get out of it.  Friendship is no longer about nurturing or as the bible says iron sharpens iron.

Lately, I’ve noticed that people are being manipulative in friendships. This type of behavior changes a person on the receiving end, especially ones who are naturally the givers.  Once you a person starts to realize they are being used their temperament changes.  They no longer care like they do.  They no longer go above and beyond.  In essence, they no longer try.  The friend who once was in your corner has become distrustful.  They are caution of starting new friendships or giving a try to the current ones they have.

Be truthful with yourself and others about your intentions. You may think your behavior is justifiable because you don’t want to hurt your friend.  That is not the case.  I know personally I would like for my friends to honest and up front with me.  If the answer is no then the answer is no.  Don’t sugarcoat the situation because you are afraid of what my reaction will be.  My reaction is mine to have.  I have every right to be anger, to be happy, or not to care.  Your job is to tell me the truth not to manipulate the situation.

Don’t allow your actions change a good hearted person to a cold hearted person.

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