Expect Joy

Have you noticed more of your conversations of late trending toward the negative side of the aisle of life? I’ve noticed a lot of fear and frustration in the voices of so many and a pain behind the eyes of friends and acquaintances alike. 

Even with prayer and meditation I’ve found myself exhausted trying to point people to the positive points of this life. I don’t subscribe to a negative life. I believe there is great beauty and potential in the world. So when I started noticing negative things coming out of my mouth I also noticed how out of balance I had become.

I am glad that I can recognize those times now so that I can take positive action to retreat and recharge myself. I wish more people understood that when I pull back it’s so I don’t crash, not because I don’t care. There are limits to what people can give without taking time to rest and recharge. Sometimes I just need to get in my prayer closet so that I don’t straight go off on people for being selfish and insentive to the needs of others in their personal pursuits of happiness.

This meditation helped me today so I thought I’d share it with you.

Be well and take care of yourselves.
As You Have Believed Joyce Meyer

Many years ago I was extremely negative because of the devastating abuse that had taken place in my past. The result was that I expected people to hurt me, and they did. I expected people to be dishonest, and they were. I was afraid to believe that anything good might happen. 
I thought I was protecting myself from being hurt by not expecting anything good to happen. But when I really began to study the Word and trust God to restore me, I began to realize that all of my negativism had to go. 

In Matthew 8:13, Jesus says that it will be done for us as we have believed. I believed everything was negative, so naturally many negative things happened to me. I decided I wanted positive things to happen to me, so I started believing positive things, and over time, received positive results! 

Are you constantly experiencing negative things and wondering why? It could be time for you to start believing different things. Start trusting God and believing for the best. Then watch as He works things out for you according to your faith. 

Holy Spirit, I want to get rid of all negativism and start believing for better things. Help me to stir up my faith, believing that You can do great things in my life.

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