Have you met the Taters?  Well, let me introduce you to them.

Father: Dic Tater

He loves working with others as long as EVERYTHING goes the way he states.

Mother: Hesi Tater

She loves volunteering but she wants to be involved in EVERYTHING and never gets anything done.

daughter: Ima Tater

Their daughter can’t figure out who she is because she spends all of her time trying to be someone else.

Son: Agi Tater

Their son is a difficult person who complains and never contributes anything positive.  He loves stirring up trouble.

Grandfather: Spec Tater

Unfortunately their father and grandfather can’t direct them in the right way because he only watches and never participates.

Yes this is the Tater family.  Which member are you?  I hope your answer is none of the above.  Make a positive difference in the world where you are.

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~

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