Transformative Thursday’s: What to Do When Nothing is Happening

I remember a few years ago when I started working out.  At least 3 or 4 days a week, I was in the gym, with a newborn, trying to regain my pre-pregnancy figure and tone up some loose muscles.  From week to week, I didn’t really notice any changes but I continued to exercise.  After several months, I noticed my figure was back to normal and my muscles were more toned.  As I look at pictures I took during that time, I can see the results.  However, there were many days I didn’t feel like going to the gym, running on the treadmill, or lifting weights.  But I pushed through it.

There are many times we don’t feel like we’re getting the results we hoped for or ANY results.  We feel as though we are going through the motions and getting no where.  Next time, you’re faced with that feeling, shake it off and keep going.  Perseverance is key to you getting the results you desire.  Here are a few steps that may guide you in getting your desired results.

  1. Get a vision.  What do you want to see in your life, your career, your relationship, your finances over the next several years?  The more clear you can get this picture, the better your results will be.
  2. Set meaningful goals that stretch you but don’t overwhelm you. What steps can you take towards your vision each day?  Write those down and review them often.
  3. Start moving! Once you have a clear vision and attainable goals, do something each day.  If you come against an obstacle, don’t fret or give up.  Just keep working those muscles and you’ll see results.

You may say, “All that sounds wonderful and I’ve tried it before, but I still find myself lacking motivation or getting stuck.  I can’t seem to breakthrough.”  That’s where I can help.  I’m a certified personal development coach, under the CaPP Institute, who is trained to help you get unstuck and get your desired results.  Through motivation, guidance and accountability, together we will take a journey and determine the root cause of your immobility and work towards moving forward.  I’m passionate about seeing your success.  Sometimes, you just need someone who believes in you and can see your potential and help bring it out of you.  Send me an email at and I’d love to connect with you and see how we can get you moving!

Here’s what one of my clients said, “My life coaching experience with Coletta has been both beneficial and refreshing.  She has helped me identify weaknesses in my thoughts and behavioral patterns and the root cause of these weaknesses.  Coletta has and continues to help me shape these areas of my life by providing me with practical, yet creative solutions alongside thoughtful encouragement.  She offers a safe and trustworthy ear and I always feel at ease talking with her.  I highly recommend Coletta for anyone needing help with direction in their life.”

~Coletta Jones Patterson

 *For more inspiration on your journey, check out my latest book, “Developing Faith that Wins: Stories of My Journey” available on

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