Therapeutic Tuesday: God is Good. Tell Somebody!

This is one from the vaults, but it’s just as true today as it was when I wrote it a couple of years ago!

In my reading this morning I saw something that I just wanted to briefly speak on. In Psalms 138:4-5, David writes,

“All the kings who visit my palace will praise you, O Lord, when they head how you keep your promises. They will leave my palace singing the praises of Israel’s God and His great glory.”

How often do you testify to God’s goodness? How many people have heard your confession of faith? How many people have you told about the goodness of God? David made it a point to tell his visitors, Kings, about the goodness of God. I have no doubt that perhaps over dinner or a glass of wine, or maybe even through a walk in his lush gardens, that David turned every conversation over to the goodness and power of God. I’m convinced now that we miss so many oportunities, because they are there. Watching football, shopping, sitting in the park. There are so many opportunities. When we strike up a simple conversation with a stranger, or when we are talking with a co-worker during lunch, if we would listen for God’s leading, I believe that there are ways in which God wants to shift the conversation. He gives us a testimony not so we can shout and dance about it on Sunday mornings. He gives us a testimony because it is powerful out in the world. He gives us a confession of personal faith so that it may inspire and motivate someone else to delve deeper. He causes us to break through so that we might tell someone and pull them along beside us. This is not a selfish Gospel that we have, family. This is a “give till it hurts and then give some more” kind of Gospel. It may not require that we give all of our earthly posession, but it does require that we give all of our physical and spiritual strength for it.

Whenever people come into your “palace”, or I think this could even mean your presence, how are they leaving? Are they praising God? Do they know more about God than when they entered your presence? Do they know what God delivered you from?

God is too good for us to keep Him all to ourselves. If David can testify to kings, who had great earthly power, surely we can use our limited realms of power to testify to those whom God would save, and to those whom God has called. lt’s our due service to a great and mighty God. Amen.

Until next time, be blessed!

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