Mellow Mondays: Confession Time 

New challenge this week. I’m behind on some of the others but I plan  to get to those. This one is easy because I can easily tell on myself. 

1. I hold grudges. I know that is wrong and it’s something I consistently working on it.

2. I will check anyone who talks trash about my Mississippi dialect. Hey we have our way with words but people understand every word I’m saying. I just say it in an interesting way. 

3. I intentionally sit away from people in a big crowd. I can be among the chaos but not necessarily in it. 

4. I need consistency from people in my immediate circle. I end up with trust issues when I don’t have it. 

5. I fail sometimes at checking up with my family and friends. 

6. I still have issues telling a guy I’m interested in him. And I end up doing something that pushes the person away. Hopefully I will meet someone who is strong enough to stay the course though my dramatics.

7. I am not a morning person. I dislike when people come to me with problems before 10 am. My mind is trying to wake up.

8. I’m ready to do some traveling but I can’t to stop working too much.

9. I’m an old soul when it comes to music. You can keep this new stuff. It’s not my cup of tea. 

10. Glad Marta challenged me to write. Still not a great one but I enjoy it all the same.

Happy Monday. Signing off to prepare to myself for Uncle Charlie. 

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