Transformative Thursdays: Waiting on the Green Light

Sometimes we’re held captive by a decision because we’re unsure if we should move forward or not.  I’ve often been told “to wait on the green light”.  What is the “green light”?  The green light is a sense of peace you have when you know in what direction to go.  It’s a sense of clarity and assurance to go forward even though you may not know every step along the way.

On the flip side, sometimes we wait for every light along the way to be green before we take ANY step forward.  This procrastination and waiting may feel good at the time, but many times it’s rooted in fear.  If the first light is green and you have peace about that first step, go for it.  More lights will turn green as you continue on the path.  If you hit a red light, stop, pray and wait for another green light to proceed.

What green light are you waiting on?  Is it time for you to take the first step?

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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