Even the strong need a shoulder to lean on

Stepping in today to give our thoughts and well wishes to Gabrielle as she takes this week off to rest.

Is there a person in your life who you admire for their strength, their ability to love and care for others, their intelligence, their productivity?

Now, think about the most recent conversation you’ve had with them. 

Did you talk the majority of the time? Did you stop and give them a chance seek comfort and affirmation from you or did you jump straight into what’s going on with you?

If the answer is that you think you’ve been talking about yourself and your problems then it’s time for you to reevaluate what type of friend you are. 

Relationships are not supposed to be about what you can get out of them all the time. Sometimes it’s about giving to the other person. We should never take for granted that the people we turn to for help in crisis don’t need us to buck them up from time to time.

Similarly, for those “rock” people out their, allow others to care for you as well during your time of need. We are all deserving of a little human kindness from time to time because no one is an island.

We’ve just celebrated Valentine’s Day which is one of the days each year that the message of love is quite strong. Take some time to reflect over how you can be a better friend to the people you turn to in crisis and who provide you good counsel.

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