Mellow Mondays: What You Learn By Watching Others

I’ve stated before how I love to watch a good biopic.  Well the latest one I watched over the weekend was the story of New Edition.  I know I am a day late and dollar short on seeing the movie.  Kudos to BET, director, and producers for a great movie. It kept my attention the entire time. 

Many life lessons came to me as I was watching this movie.  Below are some my favorite:

Read the contract

It is so important that we take time to read any piece of documentation that has our name on it.  This is how so many people can get over on someone.  And it doesn’t have to be in the music business.  I know people feel antsy when they take time to read documentation especially when you have someone watching you as you read.  Don’t feel out of sorts.  It is your personal responsibility to understand the language of the contact and how it ultimately benefit you.

Hard Work and Consistency 

Wood Harris did an AMAZING job portraying New Edition’s manager and choreographer.  Brooke Payne worked those young men hard but it was not something they could not handle. He believe how they rehearsed in practice is how they would perform in real life.  More people need to follow this concept.  We often use short cuts or not work to our best ability and wonder why we don’t produce the results. 

True Friendships 

I often wonder sometimes if social media has changed how people behave in friendships.  I often wonder if people think someone is your friend because they agree with everything you say or do.  I often wonder if people understand the definition of friendship.  The New Edition movie showed what friendship truly looks like:  the good, bad and ugly.


Being around people constantly, like those in a music group, can be hard.  Other people egos and habits can get on one’s nerve.  People can say things in the heat in moment that the person can regret hearing and other person can regret saying.  We have to learn how recognize when the situation has gone wrong and know to approach the person to have open and honest dialogue.  That is the best way to start the forgiveness process. 

Good Music

I am glad this new generation had the opportunity to hear some good timeless music.  People had songs that held so much meaning and didn’t rely on the hook and the beat to make it great.

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