Staying Mindful of Health While Traveling – IG Post 2/1/17

Traveling the world can bring even new ideas about your health or at the very least help you maintain where you are at.

In the past I would find this to be the opposite. Maybe you have a glass of wine on the plane, a burger during layover, the snacks, the lack of movement, ugh….just thinking about it makes me want a fresh juice from a juice bar.

If there’s any advantage to my unusual life it is realizing how important hydration is, stretching, and practicing even a walking meditation.

No excuses anymore, because even if thee is no space in a tiny hotel room for yoga, or to stretch, what you lose in cramped spaces you can gain an edge by treating yourself to  a longer bath than normal.

I’m convinced even the most dreadful global traveling can become an art of growth. Next stop, Arkansas.

Be kind to each other, we are all we’ve got. I rarely do selfies but have had hours to process travel health today so the last post I make is  very personal. Keep stepping towards your dreams my friends.

Battle scars don’t define us, they give us wisdom, a deep awareness, and a  different sense of peace when our street smarts meet a mindful state of being and allow us to have a comfortable edge over the rest, or at least, over our former selves.

From a huge Dreamliner to a plane so small we are redistributed for weight distribution.  Small regional jet.  Onward….

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