Black Enterprise Today

Technology has opened many doors for small, boutique businesses to add to the marketplace. Today, I will share a few of my favorite black boutique businesses that work hard to provide positive black images and excellent customer service to the world and I encourage you to support them because WE need more of these images to be seen on a regular basis.  I am also sharing a call to action based off of the courageous attempt to raise the visibility of black businesses that had to shutter its browser windows recently called @PurchaseBlack. Read and share the reflection Brother Brian left for us and think about how WE can learn from his experience and address some of the barriers and explore the opportunities in promoting and SUPPORTING black-owned businesses, especially those that are in startup/small business mode.

African Girl Brands

FortySixandFive (formerly Ingenio Boutique)

Chocolate Sister Graphics

Cheated Meals Personal Chef Experience 

Forever Mine Gifts and Bridal

Sentiments, LLC

I Got It Made

Afro King Clothing

Savvy House Weddings and Events

Ask Dr. Marta

Do you have any small, black-owned boutique businesses you’d like to give a shout out to? Drop them in the comments so we can add them to the big list. Be sure to include the website address.

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