Mellow Mondays: Is God Giving Us the Side Eye?

The news and social media are buzzing with news and memes since Trump has taken office. President Trump has signed some executive orders that has caused quite a stir in the world.  People are outraged at the direction our country is going. We are using religion to justify the ban of refugees. Now people have been saying some out of box things. The hatred people are showing is at all time high. The fact people are using the Bible to justify the actions of the President is unnerving. 

As I read the news I wonder what God is thinking about us now. I wonder if he is sitting on the throne giving us the epic side eye. We are so using his name to justify hatred among the human race. We are not operating in love. The strongest commandment handed to us is not being followed. Now I know God forgives us time and time again. But do you ever wonder if God just looks and go “Why?” When will my children get what it right? Why are they acting  like my word means nothing? 

As Christians our job is to pray harder, show God’s love, defeat the enemy, and bring God back to the forefront. Because I know I would not want the epic side eye from God. 

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