Say What?!? Saturday: Squirrel


Life is a series of choices. Red Pill or Blue Pill, either way, you must choose in order to keep moving forward.

I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school in order to make a career change. I’ve found a technical college, accredited by a trusted organization, offering the associates degree I’m looking for. Today I had the gumption to email the program coordinator for some additional information. This weekend I may go ahead and apply and request my transcripts *bites nails* I’ve been mulling this over for at least a month now.

I’m so concerned with time. I will be 34…maybe 35 when I get done with this program. That’s some scary ish. But what’s the alternative, just sit still and be in the same place when I hit 35? That makes absolutely no sense. When done, I will have a specialized skill along with certifications which probably won’t be going anywhere as long as there are hospitals, doctor’s offices and insurance companies. My mother had to put some things in perspective: I’m single with no kids. I have no reason NOT to.

So I’m making a decision. No more squirreling. Hesitate or get hit!




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