A woman screams.  I jump into action. I assess the situation.  I see the burglar.  He has snatched her purse.  This will only require a minor amount of energy.  He is coming my way.  I stick out my foot.  He trips. Purse slides over the floor to the exit.  Man jumps up and swings. I gage the amount of force behind my blow. Lady runs toward purse.  Man is down.  Lady looks and me and the man and walks out of the door without even a smile or thank you.  THAT’S IT!  I’M DONE!

My father would remind me of my purpose of my gift.  He would tell me never to be selfish with it.  I can still hear him saying,

“You must care for your fellow men and women of your planet.  You must protect them from themselves.  Remember that many of these lower creatures will show their appreciation.  They will expect you to rescue them from themselves.”

Mom and Dad devoted their lives to saving this planet but they remained in the shadows.  They never looked for recognition.  No they were not on the scale of Superman or Wonderwoman, but they made a difference in the everyday lives of neighbors and strangers. They devoted everything!  Well, no more for me.  That old bitty could at least said thank you  for stopping that joker from stealing her purse.  PEOPLE ARE SO UNGRATEFUL!!!  WELL THEY CAN STICK IT!  I am tired of putting my life on the line for creatures that don’t appreciate the fact that I care more for them than myself.  I AM ALL ABOUT ME AND WHAT I WANT from now on.

(End with new theme song)

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~

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