Throwback Thursday: A Tribute To Midnight Love

One of my Facebook friends got me thinking about something from my college years. For you youngin’s, back when BET was awesome they had a program called “Midnight Love” that we completely lived for. Just about every night all of the tvs throughout all of our dorm rooms would flip to that program and we’d listen to the various croonings of all the artists who composed ballads. Some were even a bit “risqué” at the time. Old heads, y’all know who I’m talking about. Who remembers checking your CD or tape player before you headed home to visit to make sure “Freak Me” by Silk didn’t pop on if your Mama hopped in the car with you? How many people played it off when you forgot to check and R Kelly’s “Sex Me” spooled up and you were like, “Wow, I’m surprised they play that on the radio during the day”?

So I decided to put Tidal to good use last night and built a mostly video playlist of the songs I remember with a few appropriate modern songs and decided to share the titles with all of you in honor of Throwback Thursday. A few videos weren’t available on Tidal but I’m sure they are floating around YouTube somewhere.


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