Therapeutic Tuesday: Wonder No More

This is my attempt at telling a different story. I won’t spoil it for you. Enjoy!


Her victim sat completely still in the dark, tied down to a chair in the center of the room. As she observed it, it hit her how cliche this entire situation was, and she laughed slightly to herself.

“You don’t have to do this.”, came the deep male voice.

His breathing was calm and even. Steady. He wasn’t afraid. To her, it seemed that he was almost waiting for an expected end. But she didn’t even know what end to expect yet, so how could he?

Of course I don’t have to do this”, she thought, “but I think I want to. I don’t know for sure. They’ve always thought that I was a hero, that my very heritage spoke to some kind of nobility and honor for life. They don’t know me. I let them convince me, but something just…is not clicking here.”

Her memories took her away from this place, into happier times with her mother and sisters. She remembered how well they had all gotten along before the incident. Now, she had no home to return to. They had destroyed it all, and then convinced her to help them…what was it they said? “Help us eradicate evil.”

She scoffed at the intention behind the words now. Back then she had been young and green. She’d had no true worldview, because of the isolation in which she lived with her people. When the outsiders invaded, and the rest of her people were killed, she’d had to grow up quickly. And she had, stuffing down all of her anger and rage, taking on a persona that was foreign to her, but rather one that would help her accomplish her purpose.

Her thinking was interrupted by that the man again.

“Think about what you’re doing. We’ve fought side by side for years. Almost a decade. Do you really want to undo everything that we have done together? All of those people saved? You’ll be no better than every villain that we have put behind bars..”, he said with conviction.

“Villains?”, she replied incredulously, “VILLAINS? Who are you to say what is heroic or villainous? Good or evil? Who are we? Are we gods? Should they worship us?”

She pointed outside of the boxed in room.

“No. The big guy has gone off the rails so many times, and we have always welcomed him back, no matter what horrible things he has done. YOU’VE always welcomed him back, and convinced me to do the same. But the first time that I question what we do…what I do…you try to have me captured and treated.”, she said as she shook her head in despair.

It was at that moment when she knew the end of things.

She stared at him. Once so strong, but now she could see him for what he really was. She could see the blackness in his heart, and his constant attempts at manipulation. Steeling herself against any friendly emotions, she picked up the gun from the floor in front of him, and cocked it.

Still no movement from him.

Not that she expected it. He was so self-assured. He believed that he could get out of anything. But not this. She had made up her mind, and she knew that there was no way to go back from this. Was she a villain? A Heroine?

“Diana”, he said, muttering her name for the first time, “Let me go and we can deal with this as a team. We have safeguards in place to-”

His voice was snuffed out as she placed the gun against his temple and calmly pulled the trigger.

She laid the gun down in his lap. She didn’t care that they knew it was her. She unwrapped her golden lasso from around the slumping body, and watched it fall heavily to the floor, blood forming a river from his body.

Picking up his cowl, the memories flooded her mind again, but this time she only laughed.

“Human emotion, Bruce”, she said to the deceased hero in front of her, “You always told me that it served no purpose. You were right.”

Walking toward the door, Wonder Woman looked back once more, before exiting and locking the door behind her.

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