Mellow Mondays: When To Walk Away

Do you know when to walk away from situations or relationships? Do you recognize the signs that tell you to move on? How did you feel when you made the decision to move has been made?

Every morning I have the opportunity to read the morning devotions that Marta posts. One that stood out last week was the post entitled “You Have A Relationship With Yourself”. It was a very insightful post that ended with this paragraph:

God, like Isaiah 43:25 says, You blot out my sins and accept me, which means that I don’t have to reject myself. I am free to love myself in a healthy way because You love me!

I was recently talking to one of my friends and she made the comment that I am nuturer of the group but sometimes I don’t know when to let go (this conversation was in regards to friendships).  This conversation bought along some reflective moments. Do I try to hard? Do I place my feelings on the back burner in order to fulfill someone else happiness? Do I miss the curtain call? 

Reading the devotion on loving yourself is timely. In order to be the best to others around us we must tend to ourselves first. We must realize our self worth and happiness. We must learn to set boundaries. My Sunday was off. My attitude wasn’t the best. Nothing seemed to work in my favor. That was confirmation that I need to ensure I take time and be my very best. An attitudinal Neikeita is tough to deal with. She is not good too anyone. Time to for me and the one who can give me peace.


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