Make It Work Monday: Have Car, Will Travel

On this day, exactly midway to my 37th birthday, I have had a revelation. In case some of you don’t realize this by now, I live in West Texas and this is not my native land. Both my hubster and I are REALLY far away from both of our families and braving the frontier in many of our relatives eyes by being here. From time to time it’s tough for us because we love our families and it is FAR too expensive to fly to see them on a regular basis. Similarly, they are not in a position to roll out here all of the time. Distance can really strain family bonds and those bonds are important to us.

I also personally have a lot of trouble sitting still in one spot. Seriously, I’ve done the research. So when I look at where I am as a tiny little dot on my Google Map there are times that I think I’ll run mad from the feeling of distance and isolation from all of my family and friend networks and no Facebook is not enough.

But this morning I had a revelation. I live in the perfect spot to explore new worlds and seek out new life and civilization, to boldly drive anywhere within a 10 hour radius of where I presently live. I’ve made two of those trips already this year because gas is cheap. If you doubt me, get you some friends in Europe to tell you what they pay and then come back complaining to me about American gas prices.

The first road trip was to Jackson, MS to see my hubby’s people. 

The next trip was to McAllen to meet my new little cousin Chef Bae down in the Texas Tip.  You can check out his cutie pie self on his blog

Click HERE to visit Cookin’ With BAE site.

Now I’m starting to get excited about all the other places I can hit within a 10 hour drive. 

Somehow, I think I’ll manage to stay pretty busy this year around federal holidays. πŸ˜‰πŸš—  Sometimes you just have to change your perspective. For those of you who are my friends and live within this zone, I hope you’re good about checking your Facebook Messenger. Cause if not, you better make sure I have your phone number if you wanna see me when I roll thru.

~ Marta C. Youngblood 

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