“Life Trimmed to One Trunk” -Instagram Musings

Oh my this coffee is from the divine.  Not the roast, or the mug, but the essence it inspires in my mind.

My life for 5 years has thinned down to one big trunk of papers and miscellaneous items. This same time last year I was loaded with gifts.

Excited doesn’t do my emotions justice, so I’ll try with a few words.

Time is sometimes not the best predictor when life is lived in 4 dimensions.

Parallel universes that dance between our realms of consciousness.

Cosmic hands touching the soul so gently.

My music is on Solgave Rebirth Spotify playlist and the air outside is colder than where I’m going in Scandinavia. I’m now on a replay of back and forth that has no end in sight, but so it is with the cycles of life.  The only certainty is change, and a slowly decay towards physical death.

The sun is now setting and  the dogs playing are too cute to not hang with (WITH above mentioned hot coffee)

I am overwhelmed by gratitude today. I can’t really explain it. I think my own paradigm shift has to do with aging, and the process of learning self care.

Choices. Risks. Rewards. And  oh the power of surrender to this web we are all connected by. I believe in it.

I also believe in science…but my experiences don’t stop with the seen and proven, all those metaphysical experiences and whispers in the breeze, the trees, and the god that is thee is just enough for me.

@americaninscandinavia @solgaveritz @solgaveclothing Blogs on solgave.com but soon to be on a new site where 250 of my lenghty musings and photos of life are housed that startd when I took a leap of faith and the lessons from abraod starting pouring in while in Europe.




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