Say What?!? Saturday: Female Villains

This week we were given a challenge to create a short character sketch of a female villain with a backstory that does NOT revolve around (1) a man breaking her heart or (2) her wanting to be more beautiful than another girl.

I thought I would give it a try!

Bear with me. This is my first time lol

Name: Iseoluwa or Ise for short meaning “Work of God” in Yoruba

Physical Description: Skin kissed by the Sun, hair of the softest cotton, and eyes as black as night.

Birthplace: Lagos, Nigeria

Backstory: Ise grew up as an only child in a loving two parent home but unbeknownst to her mother, Ise’s father was unfaithful. Unfortunately at this time, the AIDS epidemic was at an all time high. The first to go was Ise’s father, her mother passed six months later. At the time, a group of missionaries ran an orphanage dedicated to caring for children of parents who’d passed from HIV/AIDs. To the outside world, this was a benevolent organization who never turned away a child but it harbored a darkness.

The missionaries were involved in child trafficking. The church reasoned “Who will miss these children? We can provide them with a better life this way.” They took the strongest and brightest of the children and sold them on the black market to couples looking to adopt. The majority of the children did have a good life but for some, like Ise, were in for a worse fate. Her adoptive family abused her greatly. She became their servant. One day she snapped.

Focus of revenge: The Catholic Church

Welp, that’s all I have for now. It’s tough creating a female villain with those two stipulations. It makes you consider your bias.



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