Mellow Mondays: Why the Disrepect?

Today is a national day of service. Today our nation honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. People fought hard to have this nation recognize the great works of Dr. King.  Dr. King stood for equailty. He fought for us to look pass color. He fought for us to stand in love. 

The election of Donald Trump has taken us back into a time of hatred and divide among the races. People have no filter of what they say. There is no respect for their fellow man. 

I received a message today that showed a Google search for one of the local banks. A caption was found on the search that says “Robert E. Lee birthday may affect these hours”. Now I know I miss things quite often but I do remember some things from history and Robert Lee birthday is not today. Today is the day we honor Dr. King. Why is this information being publized in this manner? Why wasn’t it corrected? Why the Disrepect? What can’t we continue to strive for unity? Why can’t we rise above the hated? Why can’t we come together and honor a man who’s life was cut short because he chose to be a voice of hope?

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