Bridges – (My Story in imagery and words)

I pause before the bridge. Hmmm, to cross means to step into the unknown. The other side, the unfamiliar, not my home. This bridge like all bridges, are links between places, people, and perspectives. We can blow them up. Burn them down. Repair when necessary or cross with faith our heart and gut feeling are right. I love bridges …so symbolic and so important. I’ll cross many this year both literally and figuratively. And I’m ready …#sweden #strømstad #bridge #path #streetphotography #growth #journey #walking #travel #travelblogger #philosophy #psychology #life #storytelling #art #culture #writer #writersofinstagram

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Yesterday as I was out for six hours getting some special things for a person I was preparing to meet 5 years ago, half a world away, my reflections were intense.  Music was the soundtrack of the day, and I was moved, powerfully to a place of appreciation, gratitude, and a deep awareness of what I take for granted in my life.  Who I take for granted, and without wallowing in too much self pity, just mindful to do better this year.  I love sharing my Instagram posts on the Sunday slot and hope you enjoy the snapshots of life that I share.

I am driven right now to force myself into understanding what unites us, versus divides us, by first looking deeply into my own patterns, how technology is used, medias influence, etc.

When I grew up, we had to drive to our friends house to say hello and just hope they were home.  No warming texts, no mobile phone calls as we pull up, just a knock on the door and no fear behind that knock.

It’s made me a lazy friend, and in my strong opinion a large reason why we are being driven apart politically into two groups that seem to despise each other. This is the yin to the yang of social media and it’s powerful hands.

More on that next week, remember we share far more in common than not, our belief systems are largely based on where we were born and how our parents reared us (Desmond Tutut says 90% or more of a persons religious choice is just based on what part of th3e world you were born in). This made tremendous sense to me, and allowed compassion to bleed in where old resentments used to lie.

Be kind to each other, we are all we’ve got.  And I’ll challenge myself to call someone on the phone this week I might otherwise just message, and I hope you do to.

One thought on “Bridges – (My Story in imagery and words)

  1. There truly is no substitute for being in a room, face to face with a loved one. I’ll be expanding on that idea in words very, very soon.


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