Say What?!? Saturday: Letting go

Well Sunday will mark the end of an era. Back in elementary school I told my mom I wanted  to take piano lessons so she signed me up. At the time we had a wonderful black owned music store in our neighborhood. I started taking lessons and remember having the biggest crush on my male piano teacher, with his chocolately bow tie wearing self. Almost made me too nervous to play. But I digress. I was passable at piano but lacked the motivation to really practice which, in hindsight, must have frustrated the LIFE out of my instructors. 

Anywho, I continued to frustrate my instructors up until halfway trough middle school. Then I met a girl whose mom wanted to get rid of a family piano. She said if you can come move it, it’s free. So somehow we got this humongous 1920s upright wall piano into the house. I shortly there after lost interest. Sorry Mom! I would tickle a few ivories but soon stopped playing it at all. It became another piece of furniture. 

Fast forward 20 years *gasp* Has it really been that long? Im at a point of clearing out things no longer used and the piano is one of them. Through the invention of facebook I keep in touch with the previous owner but she isnt in living space to accommodate a large piano so I listed on the marketplace. So Sunday, sometime before noon, this piano will go to its new owner who has a little girl. And just as the previous owner said “If you can movie it, its free!”

Goodbye old friend!


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