If he had not been our President and she had not been our first lady, many people would never have known these two amazing people. The folks in this picture look like regular, everyday people.  According to President Obama, he will become a “regular, everyday citizen” in a few days.  I must disagree with him strongly.  There is not and never will be ANYTHING regular and everyday about him or his family because they were selected to do something spectacular for this world.  President Obama, Michelle Obama, Sasha, and Malia  gave us a scandal free eight years.  Many called them ‘boring’ and that is fine with me but it is an inaccurate description.

The Obamas will soon take up residence in a neighborhood where they will begin another chapter in their lives.  Their daughters will forever be in the spotlight and scrutinized for any misstep they might make.  President Obama will write his memoirs and attempt to go back to community development but more so from the standpoint of writing policies that actually make programs work.  Michelle Obama will continue her involvement in getting us to ‘MOVE’ and eat healthier.  Some have expressed their desire for her to run for president but she has already said no.  For the sake of her family and her health, I hope that she does not run.  She can be more effective in the role that she will be resuming as “CITIZEN”.  As the President told us in his farewell address, the position of CITIZEN is a powerful one to possess.  Unfortunately, many people don’t look at it as a powerful one.  This can be attributed to the fact that many officials that the CITIZEN voted into office has ignored the CITIZEN and the list of needs and wants that they put them in office to fight for. One thing is certain, whoever is the neighbor of the Obamas, they will not have to worry about being secure from burglars.

I am saddened to see him go, especially with who many CITIZENS voted  in office to take his place.  The press keeps saying that the people voted him into office and THIS IS NOT TRUE.  SOME PEOPLE VOTED HIM INTO OFFICE AND I WAS NOT ONE OF THEM.  SO, when the realization comes about for those who voted him (TRUMP) into office takes place and they have been ROYALLY SCREWED, I won’t say “I told you so.”  There won’t be any need.

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~

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