Transformative Thursdays: Getting Unstuck

One of the worst feelings you can experience is being stuck.  Have you ever been driving and gotten stuck in the mud.  It’s extremely frustrating to watch others pass you by and you can’t go anywhere.  The wheels are spinning and you’re slinging mud everywhere but all to no avail.  You’re stuck!

In life, we hit moments and seasons where we are “stuck”.  We find ourselves going in circles because we haven’t identified our vision, purpose and passion.  We are wandering in a dry desert because we are unfulfilled, unhappy and watching others pass us by.  We feel as though we are missing out on something.  And we are.  We were not created to be stuck…nor, were we created to go in a circle.  We were created to move, to be and to do things.  We were created to be filled with life and to experience all the joys life offers.

When you get stuck, you give up on life and eventually become complacent and accepting of where you are.  I challenge you to get unstuck.  Start by revisiting your purpose.  Determine the vision for your “best life”.  Discover your passion.  Once you’ve put these pieces together, you are on your way to getting unstuck.  Don’t settle for mediocrity or being “good enough”.  You have too much potential inside to settle.  Go after your dreams and dream big!

~Coletta Jones Patterson


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