Say What?!? Saturday: Hidden Figures

I am fortunate to live in a city where Hidden Figures had an early release. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers. I promise!

I recently had a friend say she wanted to see it. She then dropped the following movie review she found:

“Hidden Figures is beautiful in the complex performances offered by Taraji, Janelle, and Octavia, and a horrid hot white mess in every other way. And I despise seeing white audiences be entertained by Black achievement in the face of white terrorism.” ~ Michael Dumas

My first reaction is that he would be unhappy even in heaven. hmph!

While I can see his point of view, sometimes you just have to appreciate what has just happened. A whole new generation of young black girls now know these women’s story. My mother actually wept because as a child growing up in the 60s she wanted to explore space but never saw anyone who looked like her doing or contributing to space exploration, so she never though it possible. This film is about three strong black women who took risks and showed perseverance during a blatantly racist time in society. One woman used this man’s ambition against him and it was brilliant! (I’m trying not to give a spoiler lol) I also applaud the film’s director and actors for portraying the racial tensions and injustices at that time. At no point did I think white audiences were being entertained at our expense. If anything, they way it was written, they were made to feel uncomfortable. It is completely refreshing not to have another movie about slavery or have it turn into a tale of a white savior.

So I implore you, go see the movie. The acting was wonderful. I felt the full spectrum of emotions during this film and I fully intend to own it as soon as it’s release to DVD.





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