Transformative Thursdays: Will 2017 Reveal a New You?

On New Year’s Eve, we all get excited about the new year that’s coming. The excitement and anticipation of what’s in store is all around us.  However, the newness usually soon wears off as the new year progresses.  We get lulled back into a routine and life returns to what is was, in many cases.

Many of us believe things will automatically change because the year has changed, but such is not the case.  Change occurs because we make an intentional decision to change.  Our actions become a reflection of that change.  Our life in 2017 will be the sum of our thoughts, decisions, choices and actions.  It can be exactly what we want or exactly what we do not want and it all depends on us.

If you desire to have a great New Year, make sure your thoughts, decisions, choices and actions reflect what you want to see.  Cheers for a happy and prosperous 2017!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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