Mellow Mondays: Friendship

Life is busy.  I strive to keep up with it but I fail all the time.  I have been playing phone tag with one of my friends for about two weeks.  We met about a year ago but my friend received an awesome job opportunity and had to leave the area.  We can’t seem to be in the right place to answer each other phone calls.  A message was left on my voicemail yesterday and one statement that stood out to me was “Since the desire is there to continue building the friendship the rest will fall into place.”

I believe people meet their core group of friends by a certain age.  It is very seldom to meet someone after a certain age who quickly gets you.  Now sometimes you do meet someone that you know you can call your soul sister but life happens where the friendship fizzle before it blossoms.  That statement left on my voicemail reminded me that we all have to be intentional in our friendship, new and old.  We understand we don’t have the luxury to talk for three hours at a time.  People have kids, community events, job…….life in general. But what makes the foundation of friendship strong are those intentional moments when you check in.  It can be a random text, an email, or a funny post.

Intentional will be my goal for 2017 in all areas of my life not just friendships…………..but that’s a good start.

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