Make It Work Monday: Self Love ❤️ 

I saw this graphic floating around the interwebs today and it really struck a cord with me.  It can be challenging as a woman of faith to distinguish between self care (tending to the maintenance and general well being of oneself) and selfishness (those who are self absorbed and vain putting themselves and their needs above those of others). 

We are taught that our lives are purposed to helping others and carrying out God’s will to care for His people. So riddle me this. 

If we are tasked to care for God’s people and we don’t care for ourselves, are we not outside the will of God? Are WE not God’s people. 

Just something to think about the next time we feel compelled to skip an hour of restorative sleep (that we know we need) trying to run after and take care of the needs (wants) of others to the point of making ourselves sick and useless. We must listen to that still, small voice within to help us discern the difference between self care and selfishness.

~ Marta C. Youngblood

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