Say What?!? Saturday: Happy New Year! 

We made it! It’s the end of 2016. I hope that we have all made it with every necessity met and wants provided. 2017 for me personally will be about improving upon myself and saying yes to everything that scares me! 

In other news, I went on a mission for my New Years libation. So my friend Mikey put me on to this alcoholic lemonade. He text me around 1pm saying the lady was having a sale and he was going to get some around 3 or 4pm. Bet! Got my money together and patiently waited. 2pm rolls by….4pm arrives and now the lady says it wont be ready until 8pm. *facepalm* I love my brown people but Lawd. 

So Mikey made the meeting spot the Wayfield parking lot down the street from me. Now, I live in a *ahem* interesting neighborhood so I asked him “arrrrre you sure?” He said yeah. So he gets there, at 8:30pm mind you, and the lady is just leaving her house 20min away. So he calls me about 9:15pm saying she’s there but they moved to the BP bc the Wayfeild looked deserted. I throw on my sweater, no bra (because no) and some house slippers and make my way in the rain. Ya’ll I was praying it didnt look like a drug drop 😂 He pulled up to her, got the stash then I payed him. Thank goodness we didnt bring much attention. 

Allllll of that to say: it was worth it *sips stawberry mango lemonade* 

I wish everyone a safe night and if you need a ride home, please get an uber, lyft or call AAA (info at the link below)

P.S. Im glad it’s raining because maybe that will keep celebatory gun fire to a minimum around these parts. 


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