Make It Work Monday: Silence is Uncalled For

I applaud this woman for posting this status. I’ll add that the reason what she says to do is so important is that when white people witness this behavior and don’t say anything or do anything to stop it, the person suffering the assault has every reason to believe that you condone the behavior and likely agree with the racist who is committing the assault. That creates or affirms for the victim that white people cannot be trusted and that white people hate black people. 
I know this is not true, but actions are needed in addition to words right now. I have lived this experience here in the United States of America along with so many others. This isn’t a problem for Black America (and other non-whites) to fix. 

Black people are strong and resilient. We have learned to survive these encounters, but we shouldn’t have to, not in a nation that professes to loving Christ and all of God’s people. 

For all of my white Facebook friends, I encourage you to continue being the change this country needs. If you can see this status you know me and I am telling you that these assaults happen, they are not all inventions of the media. There are places and spaces in this great nation of ours where black people legitimately fear for their lives. Don’t allow people who spew hatred towards “others” to speak for you. Silence and isolationism are not what we need right now.

Original Facebook Post:

~ Marta C. Youngblood

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