Therapeutic Tuesday: Joseph’s Lullaby

There are times when I wonder about the events of the coming of Christ. The cast of characters? We have known them all of our lives. We see them in nativity scenes, and hear about them in stories and rhymes, sermons and otherwise. I wonder, though, about them. If I were this person, or that person, how would I react to all of the weird things that occurred surrounding the delivery of Christ into the natural world?

There is a song by MercyMe called “Joseph’s Lullaby” that I think captures this sentiment so beautifully. I have often wondered what it would have been like to be him. Joseph, Christ’s adoptive father. He is the man who is only mentioned a few times. He is the man who raised Jesus. He taught Him a trade. He taught Him how to be a man, which sounds weird, because Christ was divinity in human form. If anyone should have known, it would be Him. Joesph is mentioned so little, but had such a huge role to play. He had to accept what the love of his life said was a miraculous conception. He had to be open enough to receive the visitation from the angels that confirmed her story. He had to be secure enough in who he was, to raise a son who outranked him in every sense of the word.

But he loved Him as best as he could. And I bet as he got older, Joseph would sit back and think about those moments with baby Jesus, holding him and talking to him. I bet Joseph would think about all of those talks, about how he expressed his fears to a cooing and sleeping baby, who laid there in his arms, absorbing the love of a man who was one of His fathers.

There is such a story of love in Joseph. I pray that this song touches your heart this Christmas.

And I pray that the love of God expands your heart this Christmas. Merry Christmas!


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