Take Responsibility for Your Happiness 

My morning devotional was just too good (and timely) not to share with all of you. How many of us walk around unhappy by choice? As Christians, this just doesn’t make sense because we KNOW that we have the ability to be happy ALL of the time by looking to God as the source of our happiness. 

I am as guilty as anyone else at losing sight of that goal and looking to others for my happiness first. It’s easy to slip, I know. It feels good to pick up the phone and call your mother to seek comfort from her after a dissapointment. But did to bring it to the Lord first? See, I have the kind of mother who will of course comfort, but she’ll swing me back around to Sweet Baby Jesus in a minute because that’s where my lasting peace and happiness come from. 

My mother won’t always be here for me, but God will.

Learning how to seek happiness is God is perhaps one of the most important life lessons out there for those who wish to have joy and peace and truly make a positive difference in the world. That does not mean abandoning reason and the plethora of tools God has provided to us on our human journey. This is about what’s in your mind and heart, your inner wo/man.

Morning Devotional from Joyce Meyer:

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that I cannot count on someone else to make me happy. God has given us the ability to take responsibility for our own happiness. 

A lot of people aren’t happy unless a certain person behaves a certain way, or unless a certain situation works out just the way they want it to. Every day we let our happiness depend on other people and situations, when in reality, God wants us to find our happiness in Him. 

There was a time when I would feel sorry for myself if Dave went to play golf the day after one of our big conferences. I wanted him to go shopping or watch a movie with me. But God showed me that we have different ways of relaxing and unwinding. 

That’s just one example, but there are so many ways that we put unrealistic expectations on people and rely on them to keep us happy. God wants us to look to Him first and rely on Him for our happiness. 

My Prayer for Today: God, my happiness should only rely on You, not other people and situations. Today, I get rid of my unrealistic expectations and take responsibility for my own happiness.

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