Say What?!? Saturday: Mixed Signals


Yellow – Prepare to stop but really speed up if you can make it lol

Green – GO!

Orange – wait…you don’t exist and yet, that’s what I’m getting , with hints of purple. You’re probably thinking “that doesn’t make sense” and you would be completely correct.

Can we rap a taste? (talk for those  unfamiliar)

What’s up with mixed signals? Flirting but don’t ask me out. Asking what my future plans are for the weekend but no follow through with a date. Some may say “girl he’s just not that into you” and then some may say maybe he’s shy. Well which is it?

I will say, that I may not be the easiest to read. Hello, my name is Ruth and I cannot abide rejection. I tend to play my emotions close to the vest. So in the spirit of not leaving loose ends for 2016, I’m just going to ask. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading this stream of consciousness. I just needed to get it out of my head. lol

So has anyone else encountered mixed signals and how did you handle it?




One thought on “Say What?!? Saturday: Mixed Signals

  1. I chalk this up to our risk averse society. So many people are afraid of being hurt that they protect themselves theough an isolationist strategy. Which has the wonderful affect of causing the individual to…you guessed it, feel the hurt of living alone. Life is risk and reward, joy and pain, light and dark. You can’t have one without the other. LBe bold and live the best way that you can and trust God to comfort in the trying times.


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