Is this person receiving something or releasing something?

Coming into this holiday season, the first thing many think about is what they will receive.  They don’t really think about releasing anything until New Year’s.  Well. . . why wait?

Before Christmas, take time to reflect over your life.  What do you need to release?  Who do you need to release?  I do believe that once you take the time for this self examination, you will be ready to receive ALL of the wonderful things that are in store for you.

It is not always easy to receive and it can be even harder to release (especially when fear is involved).    LET ME BE CLEAR.  I am not talking about presents at Christmas or the office gift exchange.  I am talking about self introspection.  Release any pain you may be holding and allow yourself to receive the gift of a new day.

What are you receiving and what are you releasing?

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~


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