Mellow Mondays: I Disagree 

So how do you handle tough conversations with your love ones? Do you speak your mind? Do you just listen? Do you offer advice?

Having tough and thought provoking conversations with family can be rough. I had a funny feeling today that I would hear something crazy and I knew it would be from my cousin. What I wasn’t expecting was the news that I heard. Now no one is dead……but some choices have been made that could have been avoided.  I know my reaction wasn’t expected. I feel like you need to be truthful to my love ones you love despite how their feelings. The conversation got very heated to the pointed where it had to be “tabled” for another day.

Do I regret what I said? Absolutely not. What I said was out of love? How do you handle tough conversation? Do you mince your words? Are you truthful? Do you just listen? How do you handle the hurt feelings?

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