Transformative Thursdays: The Beauty of a Song

There’s just something magical about singing.  And I don’t mean “good” signing which makes people stand and applaud you, but just the beauty of a song.  Singing lifts our spirits and takes us to a happy place.  People who sing often, seem to be happier and more at peace.  I think it’s because we were created to sing and make music.  The bible says, we should make a joyful noise, (Ps. 100:1) which means any of us, at any given moment, should sing and make music.  Singing connects us with our Creator and allows us to give back to Him what He placed within us.  Singing helps us share intimate feelings and expressions.  Singing can make a difficult task go by much faster.  Singing helps us breathe deeper as we take in air and hold notes which clears our mental space.

Next time you are faced with a difficult situation, just start singing.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break and sing your favorite song.  If you need a breath of fresh air, play some music and sing along.  Watch as something magical happens.  You become refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world.  Experience the beauty of a song!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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