Mellow Mondays: Retail Tidbits

We are in the season of holiday shopping.  I’ve worked retail since I was 17.  I have moments when I just want a part time or I just need a part time job.  But one thing that I hate is the holiday shopping season.  You begin the see the worst of people.  Sometimes I wonder if the devil cloned himself and decided to come to mall.  Below are some tidbits from the retail worker perspective that will help you doing this upcoming holiday shopping season.

  1.  Wal-Mart is the only store that can break a $100 bill on a Sunday.  Please do not pay for a $4 item with a $100 bill.  You will take all the change the store has for that day.
  2. Most stores do not have internet.  We have intranet.  So calling us and saying you saw a product on page 3 means nothing to us.  We can’t see page 3 of the website.
  3. Remember your coupons.  Often times stores send custom coupon codes out and the register tracks the usage.
  4. Control your children.  They can’t run all over the store.  It’s  a safety issue.
  5. Don’t come into the store 10 minute before closing and not buy anything.  That’s rude.
  6. Sign up for rewards.  The cashier thanks you.  The manager thanks you.  Our district manager thanks you.
  7. Have your payment ready when you get to the register.
  8. Don’t use checks.  They are time consuming for everyone.
  9. Adhere to the return policy. It’s a policy for a reason.
  10. It doesn’t take 10 people to buy one item. That messes with our conversion.
  11. Don’t ask the worker to bend rules that will get them fired.  You saving $2.00 is not that important.
  12. Read the fine print on the coupons.  Read the fine print on the marketing posters.  Just find the fine print and read it.

All jokes aside enjoy your holiday shopping season.  Remember don’t overspend and to buy in love because bills are due at the beginning of the month.

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