Therapeutic Tuesday:Tis the Season

We have finally arrived at my favorite part of the year. Christmas! for as long as I can remember, I’ve had an affinity for Christmas that stretches past the material hustle and bustle. Especially since we have moved to Missouri, I can even feel something magical or supernatural in the air. When I take in deep breaths of the chilly morning air. I can feel it. There is hope all around me. There is expectation around me. There are miracles all around me.

Quite simply,

I feel God. I feel closer to Him. And yes, I know that we should always feel close to God because of our position in Christ, but I tell you, there is just something so special about this time of the year. I embrace it. I rest in it. I find peace in it.

My prayer today is that you can find it too.

So, allow God to show himself in your life today.

be blessed!

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