Mellow Mondays: I Am Not My Hair

So I recently straighten my hair. It was time. The last time I wore it straight was a year ago. I needed my ends clipped and wanted some new color. No big deal right? Wrong. I’ve been natural since 2008 and it still amazes me how people react to me when they see my hair straight. I love having natural hair. It’s much healthier. I can do more styles. And I can be as lazy as I want with my hair.


People seem to make comments that I need to keep my hair straight. Oh that style looks good on you. You look so different. Now I think I look the same with both natural and straight hair. Why are people so threngthen my curly fro? Why are people so quick to push for straight hair as the standard? Why must I conform to what beauty standards say? I love my kinky look. Now don’t get me wrong I can rock both styles effortlessly. But I always perplexed that my fro doesn’t get as many compliments as my straight hair.

India Aria said it best “I Am Not My Hair”


3 thoughts on “Mellow Mondays: I Am Not My Hair

  1. Girl, the last time I straightened my hair I had to bite my tongue not to say something smart. I don’t think it’s just the fro. I think curly hair regardless of race is seen as aberrant which is crazy cause a LOT of people have naturally curly hair. Fro on, my sista!

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  2. I have had locks, straight hair with a straightening comb, a fro, and my favorite . . . BALD! As long as you are comfortable in YOUR SKIN it does not matter what ANYONE thinks. Besides, when you want to change it up, that’s what wigs are for. LOL!!! Blessings.

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