FUNKADELIC FRIDAYS: You Can Share The Joy!!!


On Thanksgiving Day many people look forward to feeding meals to those in need.  Understand, being in “need” may not always mean that they are needy financially.  If you worked the dining halls  of some of these facilities,  you would find many who are in need of companionship.  Many people have children who are grown and gone.  For some, making the long trip is  not possible due to physical limitations.  Other folks probably just didn’t feel up to making that journey.  Regardless the reason, sharing love and compassion is the purpose (to me) for this Thanksgiving season.

I had the good fortune to participate in an awesome event where EVERYTHING WAS FREE!!!  Yes, I said FREE!!!  Free clothes, food, services, etc.  At first some folks were reluctant but as the day progressed folks began to venture over.  Christmas decorations, clothes, pictures, knick knacks and what nots.  It is a wonderful feeling to bring a smile to another human beings’ face.  Adults and children alike milled about the palettes and tables picking out all  they wanted and it only cost them a smile.  I am looking forward to participating in this event again.  Sure we could have dropped what we had off to Goodwill, Union Mission, or Salvation Army but spreading out in a historical park with others who care is a memory I will cherish for years to come.


~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~


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