Therapeutic Tuesday:Thankful Reminder

I haven’t really given much thought to what I’m thankful for this year via social media. I’ve kept plenty of things on a pondering level in my heart though. I’ll say this, I’m in a weird headspace. This last half of the year has been something different, and as I am wont to do, I’m moving into a reflective mode where I consider carefully everything that has happened this year, and what might happen next year.

I just want to say this….

God is good. No matter what is happening in life at this moment, God is good. no matter who has left you, or who might be leaving you, God is good. In the moments of life where everything seems to be spiraling out of control, God is good. When nothing makes sense, God is good. When you feel yourself cracking under the weight of life, God is good. When you don’t know which was is up or down, God is good. That is what I hold on to:

The goodness of God.

And this is all that I can really focus on in this moment, because no matter what I want for my life, no matter how many things I have screwed up, and the consequences of those mistakes,

God has been, and will forever be, better to me that I will ever deserve.

Sure, there are things that I want. I want to own a home. I want to be financially steady. I want to quit making the same errors over and over again. I want a vision for the future. I want some level of independence. I want to be secure enough in who God is to be secure in who He made me. Until that day comes, or even if none of those things ever happen…I will live my every breath with this mantra:




And that is good enough for me. That is what I’m most thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

Thanks for reading!

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