Transformative Thursdays: What’s Holding You Back?

You are born with a seed.  A seed that holds all the potential in the world.  It might be a seed to be president, a banker, an author, an entrepreneur, a billionaire, an artist, a pastor or something else.  God created you with everything you need to bring life to that seed.  You were meant to nurture your seed and allow it to grow and bring forth the harvest of your dreams.

Many of us get stuck somewhere along the way of knowing we hold a seed and nurturing that seed for a harvest.  Maybe some weeds (i.e. unsupportive friends, bad relationships, lack of knowledge, doubt, etc.) choke the life out of the seed.  Or maybe the seed grows for a while but because the seed doesn’t sprout quickly enough, discouragement and defeat settle in and we give up.  Maybe the seed never gets planted in the right environment where it can take root and get the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive.  The environment of instability, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, miseducation, ignorance or a host of others things can cause the seed to remain lifeless.

A seed has within it everything it needs to produce fruit.  An apple seed carries all it needs to produce an apple.  But it must be planted and nurtured to grow.  A pumpkin seed has everything it needs to produce a pumpkin but it must be planted.

What seed are you holding?  What is your destiny/assignment?

Have you planted your seed? Have you taken action towards your destiny?

What environment have you placed your seed in?  Who is in your inner circle?

Have you nurtured your seed?  How are you giving life to your seed daily?  What actions are you taking?

What harvest are you expecting to receive?  What is your vision?  Think big!

Your seed is within you.  Give it life today.  Someone is waiting to see your harvest.  Someone may need to eat from your harvest.  Your harvest may be someone’s lifeline so don’t underestimate the power of YOUR seed.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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