Therapeutic Tuesday: Wand’ring Thoughts

I typed a few earlier editions of this blog, but ended up deleting them. It seems that I have an issue expressing myself fully, for fear of what people will think of me if I truly let go with all of the thoughts in my head. Even on a blog that I don’t think anyone in my area of FB reads, I still worry about offending someone. I’m not high profile by any means, but I’m still high profile…kind of.

-Children’s Pastor at my church

-Only Black Teacher in a local school district

-Black male in a primarily Caucasian demographic.

I don’t want to stand out in any way that might cause me or my family any grief, so I just sit with my thoughts. This is something that I have to find a way around though. I need to become more adept at just saying what is on my mind, in love. It has to be all about love. for instance,

  • While I don’t agree with Donald Trump being our President, I also do not agree with the protests happening all around the US. They won’t change the outcome. We have to find a way through this. For my part, I really hope that President Trump is not the same as Candidate Trump, or even Mr. “You’re Fired” Trump. I have my doubts, but I can’t find myself rooting for him to do horribly, even as I saw the way that President Obama and his family were treated over the last 8 years. All of the comments made about him, I took them personally, because in some ways, I feel like I am him. Perhaps it is just the Holy Spirit at work in my heart, but I can’t hate him. Yes, he’s made racist, bigoted, sexist remarks. He has offended everyone without pale skin in some form or fashion over the last year and a half. Yes, African Americans, Latinos, and any other immigrant nation have a right to be nervous about this next 4 years. No, I don’t believe that my Caucasian friends and family truly understands the depth of what we feel when it comes to issues of race in this nation, or the possible effects of Mr. Trump as president. Yes, the distrust between minority groups and Police Officers is a hot button issue that has been swept under the rug, but is not going away at all. Yes, I believe that Black Lives Matter. Yes, I believe that all Lives Matter. These are not mutually exclusive issues. No, I probably would invite him over to hang out and play video games, but I WOULD love to have a conversation over coffee with him. Might be one of the most interesting conversations ever. There are some things about him that will be good for the WH, but just as many things could be devastating for the US. I can’t focus 100% on those things, though. I have to believe that God can work through Him to still bless America…not because we are good, because we are not good at all. Rather, I believe that God can still choose to bless America because HE is GOOD. That is my security blanket. That is my hope. And so, as God commands, we pray for our President. May the wisdom of God overtake him. May he be surrounded by people who know God, and who are known by God. May the church arise and lead this nation in showing honor to those in authority above us, for it is the Lord who has allowed them to ascend to those positions. By honoring them, we honor God, which is most important above all.

Now, that was a good brain dump. Maybe I’ll try it again soon.

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