Mellow Mondays: Are You Happy?

Every time I go to the doctor I’m asked “Are you happy?” Typically a resounding “yes” is heard by me but this last time I had hesitancy in answering the question.  

I cannot answer why I had hesitancy all of a sudden. I can’t think of anything to be unhappy about but there are times when you have moments of melancholy. So how do you get to the point where you can answer “yes” to the question “Are you happy?”

One thing I have learned and was reminded of today is to focus on someone else. Being a sounding board helps you put into perspective that your day is not as bad as it seems. One my coworkers asked me to pray for her today. Her son is having a kidney transplant. Her other son is the donor. I can’t imagine all the thoughts running through her head right now but in that moment I realized that I can easily find my happiness. 

It’s okay to have a so so kinda of day. But don’t let an unhappy day last too long. Find your happiness. Make sure you can say “yes” to the question to “Are you happy?” 

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