Therapeutic Tuesday: Randoms

I voted this morning. Without fear for the future or any trepidation or concern, I voted. So, now that this process is over for me, maybe I can be honest and have a true rant about the things that have annoyed me about this election cycle. Now, I’m not normally a blogging ranter, but I’m going to try anyway.

First, it irks me that so many young people have become jaded with the system that they would even consider not voting. Specifically African American youths. We have the video evidence that all of us can look back on, and see what our ancestors went through. So, how could we even deign to not vote when many of our grandparents were beaten and insulted on their way into polls? Have we become so “smart” as a people that we think that we can really affect change in this world without playing into the game that it has created for us? Yes, I’m all for protest. Nonviolent. Speak your minds. Scream for justice! Here’s the thing though…if you don’t vote, your screams amount to nothing. Yes, I know in the grand scheme of things, our votes are only solicited because they need the numbers, and there is not much thought given to our communities until election days, but still. There will come a day when we are able to mobilize in a real enough way to affect change, and when that happens, we will change the way that the game is played on all levels. I truly believe this. Until that day, we make changes personally and collectively. We must prepare. Voting is an important part of this preparation.

It irks me that I never see people on FB posting anything about African Americans until they find a meme or something with one of us saying something that they agree with. Whether it is Trump, or disbelief in police brutality, it literally makes my skin itch when I see my Caucasian friends using African American quotes to support interests that are against what we keep screaming about. I’d rather be completely ignored than used to support an anti-African American agenda. Just stop it already.

It irks me to see so many people afraid of the way that this election will turn out. Why in the world would we ever be afraid? If we’re going to be afraid of anything, the local elections should have us tossing and turning, but even then…these are men and women. God is God. Christians have not set the best example for the world to follow. We have been the ones on Social Media claiming Democrat or Republican standards, flying high the banners of divisiveness, rather than embracing the role of truth and love in bringing to light the important issues of this day. Both sides are guilty. Christians doubting the Christianity of people on other sides of the aisles. What kind of foolishness have we subscribed to? All in the pursuit of “truth”? Well, here’s the truth as I know it. It grieves God’s heart to watch us destroy one another, because we subscribe to the man-made theology of politics. It’s stupid. It’s dumb. It is anti-productive, and the world is laughing at us.  And see, the other part to this equation is that it shows how much hatred we harbor in our hearts. We hate Hillary because we think she is evil incarnate..(they said the same thing about President Obama). We hate Trump because he is lewd and crude. Where is the love? Instead of touting what we hate, and are afraid of, how about advertising how love can heal our land? We are wasting breaths and heart beats on things that are going to pass away. It hurts my heart to see all of this taking place.

What are we showing this generation? We are showing them that our prayers are weak and faithless.

We HAVE to do better!

I vote because I believe in the plans of God for man, not the plans of man for man. I believe God can use either candidate for President, and any elected into local office to accomplish His plans for America and the world, but it begins by us obeying the word of God and honoring our leaders by praying for their decisions and wisdom for their elected offices.

Before I was an American, I was a created, loved, chosen, redeemed, adopted child of God. That should hold primary residence in my heart and mind. All of this other stuff is insignificant when placed next to the God who loves this world. Can we at least TRY to love this world and the people in it as He does?

I’m not a Democrat. I’m no Republican. I’m a child of God. And I pray today, as I do everyday, that


(and I know people will read this and be surprised at the semi candidness of this post, but my heart has bled over the last 8 years to watch divisiveness become the soup du jour in this society. We have to be better, and do better.)

Rant over. Be blessed!

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